About Talks

Tech Talks

Tech Talks allow students from all computing disciplines to share the unique tools, technologies, and experiences that they’ve encountered while on co-op and in other areas outside of RIT’s curriculum. Students from Software Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, and Computer Engineering are invited to give 30-45 minute presentations to those interested in learning a bit about a particular topic.

Rand Talks

Rand Talks allow students from all diciplines to share their knowledge and expertise within any field. All students are invited to give 30-45 minute presentations on any topic they wish to share with the SSE community.

Micro Talks

The Night of Micro Talks takes place one night each semester and is the perfect opportunity for anyone to share any piece of information on any subject they so desire. Micro Talks are 5-15 minute presentations where any student can feel free to talk about anything from a cool little command line tool or an awesome web service, to an interesting strategy for a game or an amazing club on campus. Giving a Micro Talk is a great way for a student to get used to presenting, and can be good practice for a bigger future Tech Talk or Rand Talk.

Want to give a Talk?

Send an email to with your name and topic and we’ll get you on the schedule.