The mission of Projects Committee is simple: some people want to work on things, and others want to do things, we make it happen.

Got a project? Want to work on a project? Questions?
Contact projects at, or join the #sse-projects slack channel.

Contributing to projects is a great way to earn SSE membership!

Current SSE Projects


A touch-interactive table using a projector, Kinect, and tap-detecting accelerometers. Includes cool games!

Slack: #proj-holo-desk

Meetings: Sundays, 1:30pm (Check slack for changes!)

Live Cards

Augmented reality trading cards with awesome animations! Uses Android phones and a Hololens.

Slack: #proj-live-cards

Meetings: Monday, 4:00pm (Check slack for changes!)


Raspberry Pi music jukebox, with remote controlled song queueing and speakers.

Slack: #proj-jukebox

Meetings: Tuesday, 6:30pm (Check slack for changes!)

LED Marquee

Large, high-powered LED matrix with games and colors! Multi-year project, looking for both hardware and software help.

Slack: #proj-led-marquee

Ask on Slack for interest!

Past Projects

For past projects, see our Github at The following is a selection of our most recent projects.

Voxel Display

Three dimensional display using voxels made of selectively frosted glass.

Asteroid Drive

Multiplayer Starfox-style asteroid dodger.

Oculus Paint

Virtual Reality three dimensional image painting program.