Mentoring Lab

One of the most visible and popular resources of the SSE, the mentoring lab is located in room 1670 in the Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences. The lab’s official hours are 10 AM to 6 PM, during which there is always one or more mentors on duty to help students of any major with any topic that relates to software engineering.

The mentoring lab is a great place for all students to relax, socialize, work, and get help throughout the day.


SSE mentors are all volunteers, students who have finished important courses in the software engineering curriculum and want to help their peers succeed. Mentors are usually on duty during two 2-hour blocks during the week, where they’re available to answer questions and assist students who need help with coursework, projects, or software engineering in general.

All mentors have, at a minimum, completed the introductory CS sequence and Software Engineering (SWEN-261 / 4010-361). Many are upperclassmen who have completed multiple co-op blocks, and have great advice for students looking to choose courses or find companies for the rest of their academic careers.

Review Sessions

The SSE currently offers review sessions for:

The SSE holds dozens of review sessions for multiple courses in the CS and SE departments every semester. Before each review, a team of mentors that have already taken the class builds a practice test for students to work through. After working on the test on their own and with other students, the mentors go over each question on the practice exam, discussing answers and providing hints on what to expect on the test.

Review sessions are one of the most successful parts of the SSE’s mentoring efforts, with over 100 students at some reviews.

Physics Mentoring

The SSE also has a tutor for physics. His hours are: